Enabling and Provoking Behavior

There are two behaviors in the life of the drug addict that cause him to become the drug addict or increase the amount of drugs he uses: enabling and provoking behavior. When a person begins using drugs, the main goal for him is to keep his behavior hidden from his family and colleagues. After too much intoxication, his unhealthy behavior starts to manifest in front of his family. When the family members revealed that their loved one was addicted, the first thing that came to their mind was that his problem should not be disclosed in front of society. As a parent of the drug addict, they think that their son or daughter should be safe and sound, and they want to keep him or her in front of their eyes. As parents, they find it their responsibility to fulfil all the needs of a family member who is suffering from addiction because they love him and care for him. They think that it is a gesture of love to fulfil others’ demands and to revolve their life around that person.

Enabling behavior is helping or accepting a person’s unacceptable or problematic behavior or creating that atmosphere that gives the impression of acceptability towards their problematic behavior.

When the addict’s loved ones began to fear from their patient, they begun to enable his patient problematic behavior by giving them money or allowing them to use drugs. For the sake of building a peaceful environment at home, they even ignored the things that were unacceptable for them earlier. They thought that with our loyalty and unconditional love, one day he/she will quit all these things on their own.

The other behavior is provoking one by showing aggressive or abusive language or violent behavior for the purpose of stopping their patient from drug addiction. They may think that by snubbing they may control his patient’s problematic behavior, but in reality they provoke them to do more drugs or build the feeling of hostility that if they try to stop me I will do that more.

The provoking behaviors are the ones which triggered or increased the problematic or unacceptable behavior.

The patient thinks that his family is always the one who never support him, always think wrong about him and due to these thoughts he thinks that what he is doing is justified, because there is no one here to listen him or to help him in solving his issues, so he/she started taking drugs to get himself escaped from reality which is full of problems on temporary basis or for the sake of pleasure effect.