Our Team

At Bridge Rehab

The highly competent team of BRIDGE REHAB professionals involved in healthcare and education, collaborate with each other to ensure our clients receive the best possible care, BRIDGE REHAB is a state of the art facility for comprehensive treatment of Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, Psychiatric illnesses and other behavior disorders.

Our treatment program is individual as well as group based. Whereas group therapy is recognized as the best tool to bring a change in the chemically or non-chemically dependent person, individual attention is given to each client considering his personality, emotional needs and psychological status. It is being supervised by a formidable duo of an experienced Psychiatrist and a senior Clinical Psychologist who have vast experience of treating addictions and psychiatric problems of all sorts.

Medical Specialists

The Medical Specialists are responsible for the coordination of your loved one’s care and their daily medication monitoring by our Psychiatrist. Our medical specialists actively attend to physical health of the patients. Apart from the medical concerns and medication monitoring, they also check the dietary intake of the patients and plan it accordingly.


A team of clinical psychologists are specialist in a particular aspect of your loved one’s care. With the supervision of Dr. Syed Abul Hassan, the designated team of psychologists are attached to each of the client/patient. This team makes sure that all the planned treatment goals are achieved timely by providing psychotherapy on individual and family level. Work mostly on the core counseling with each client and his/her family. They make sure that all dynamics of the disease are properly addressed and that no loop holes are left in the psychological wellbeing of the patient and his/her family. They work by providing evidence based interventions and psychotherapy, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). They are responsible for conducting psycho-educational classes and group sessions.

Our Team

On Emergency

In emergencies each and every second is precious in saving lives and for that reason Bridge Rehab introduces Emergency Response System. In case of emergency related to drug addiction or psychosis. You can call us at

Call : (+92) 0300-8413436