Overcome on Mood Disorders. Bipolar Disorder is Prone to Drug Addiction

Bipolar disorder is a mental disorder characterized by persistent and unusual mood swings which can lower an individual’s quality of life.  Sadly, 60% of those with bipolar have abused substances to either address or mask the painful symptoms of bipolar. We understand bipolar is a very difficult disorder that may have led individuals to abuse substances as a coping mechanism.  At Bridge Rehab, our philosophy is to help you find healthier, more sustainable ways to help yourself while freeing you from the shame around addiction and other co-occurring disorders.

Though bipolar is painful wherever it is diagnosed, it’s important for sufferers to know what type of cycle around the feelings of mania (hyperactivity, reckless behavior, extreme anger, or an uncontrollable and exhausting brand of joy) and depression (exhaustion, irritability, difficulty concentrating described as “brain fog”, a sense of sadness, negativity about the world, and hopelessness it is hard to shake) they suffer from in order to get the help they need. There are four types of bipolar disorder:

– Bipolar I, which has the most extreme swings from mania to depression. The depressive period for this disorder lasts for two weeks. It is very hard for people with this disorder to carry out day to day activities during the time they are cycling through depression.

– Bipolar II, which has less extreme differences between moods. A less intense form of mania, known as hypomania, characterizes this disease. Hypomania is characterized by exhilaration that may lead to unusual amounts of activity and may feel hard to control.

– Cyclothymia is characterized by less intense episodes of depression and hypomania than are seen in Bipolar II or Bipolar I.

– Rapid-cycling bipolar is when, over the course of twelve months, there are four or more cycles of switching from mania to depression. Those with rapid-cycling bipolar often suffer a great deal from the continuous emotional crashes, and are more likely to self-destruct because of this pain.

At Bridge Rehab, we want you to help you learn about your co-occurring disorder to give you the tools you need to master its challenges.

Bipolar disorder is one of the least understood mental disorders in the field of psychiatry. However, the symptoms and cycles are clear and this allows us to treat your bipolar disorder in a way that helps you manage your symptoms and get back the life you’ve always imagined for yourself.

At Bridge Rehab, we understand this disorder starts in your brain and is not a reflection of your true self. Our beautiful Rehab facility provides a peaceful setting for a gentle and stress-relieving treatment of bipolar disorder.