Psychosis Is Genetic. Children Should Be Counsel Who’s Parents Have Psychiatric/ Drug Problems.

A term psychosis is used frequently with reference to schizophrenia, and some other serious mental disorders. The word refers to a mental condition in which the person may lose touch with reality (being unable to differentiate between real and imaginative events). This affects their mood and behavior, causing them to be withdrawn or depressed. A person with schizophrenia experiences hallucinations and delusions that cause fear, suspicion, agitation, and depression.

A psychotic episode is an instance in which the person has strong delusions or hallucinations. The severity and frequency of these psychotic episodes may vary from one person to another. The person may also remain entirely unaffected or appear normal during other times.

Sometimes, the person may get very violent or aggressive and be a physical threat to themselves or others. In such cases, our Bridge Rehab allows caregivers to admit the person.

Contact Bridge Rehab if you think the situation is getting out of control and you are concerned about the safety of the patient and his or her family.